Saturday, May 26, 2007


Acapella (Italian music) is Choral music, sung without accompaniments. It contains 4 part harmony called the Soprano (high pitched female vocals), Alto (Low pitched female vocals), Tenor (High Pitched male vocals) & Base (Low pitched male Vocals).

These harmonies are nothing but the notes in the CHORDS eg: C chord - C E G (Do Mi So).

Acapella started in churches with harmonies. An acapella group typically range from 40 singers to 80 and are recognized for their efforts to perfect blend, intonation, phrasing, and pitch in a large choral setting ( today it is known as a choir!!)

The style of Oooos came as folk music, which continued till 1940.. The King's singers, Flying Pickets started the style of Pum Pum Pums and the size of the group maximum consisted of 15 and minimum 5. The Nylons & Boys II Men came up with the Doo wop style which was transformed to Shoobidoowap pop pop concentrated on Christian music.


A group of young Brown University alumni, was formed for the sheer love of performing; singing on New York City street corners imitating the POP music. (They must have caught someone's eye.. thats why they are no more on the streets of NewYork but on the MAIN STAGE)

Well They started in 1986 (not sure.. we can say the 80's) with tararaptaras, shoobidoos and the sounds of other music instruments, not to forget introducing PERCUSSION in acapella. They could convert any rock or POP music into acapella. I love the PACHABEL CANNON(had to get it out). They hav released so many albums ... some of their great songs are BANANA BOAT SONG, SUMMER OF 69, SWEET CHILD o' MINE, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, GANSTA'S PARADISE... not to forget ZOMBIE JAMBOREEE...


Talisman A Cappella was founded by Stanford University students to research and perform culturally substantive music. From its inception in October 1989, Talisman has been committed to the belief that harmoniously blending cultures of diverse origins creates the richest and most beautiful experience both in music and in life.
Thus the group embraces varied musical genres and traditions, celebrating cultures not ordinarily represented by vocal ensembles.

They mainly concentrated on african music ... famous ones being GLORY GLORY, ZULU, SEYA, HENKO, AKANAMANDLA...


A college acapella group that started in BANGALORE in St Josephs College of Commerce. It started as a 4 piece acapella group with Nikhil Goel, Joyanna, Deepika .. Then as the year passed they wanted more singers and Sruthi, Rithika, Jason , Bharat and Akshay got into the band.. well Nikhil, Joy and deepika got out of college, so the others wanted more singers thats when I (Aditi), Remya, Neville and Kruthi got in by giving auditions. We were called UNNAGI (im not sure..i think it means some MENTAL ART)..Time passed SAM joined our group and Bharat left (got out of college) and we changed the name to SOLVITUR CANENDO (now this has a meaning) It means Everythin is solved through Music. We started singin Glory Glory, Akandnamanla, and Zombie (sang covers normally) . We blended more in african songs.. and the new list of songs are Mirrors, Unchained Melodies, Summer of 69, Seya, Labamba & Zombie Jamboree. Still working on Lets get it Started.


Our Achievements

We won most of the fests.. we have won in fests held in Madras and vellore.. We are gonna be aired soon on radio indigo. Wehave given many shows (charity show, Unwind centre, Barista unplugged, Glorious festival etc...)

Well we are just looking for a producer :) so that we can record our songs!



Solipsista said...

Hey!! the info is enlightening.
Only now I realised my alto included quite a bit o acapella :D

Aditi said...

yes.. oh by the way both Choir n a-capella are italian so both r sung in parts.. there's somethin called Baritone n mezzo soprano.. il write abt it soon :)
any part includes a-capella

Aditi said...

yes.. oh by the way both Choir n a-capella are italian so both r sung in parts.. there's somethin called Baritone n mezzo soprano.. il write abt it soon :)
any part includes a-capella